BANANO Monthly Update #62 (June 2023)

This BANANO Monthly Update June 2023 looks back at all the news and updates from the BANANO ecosystem in May 2023, which was the 62nd month since the BANANO main-net was launched more than 5 years ago.

BANANO Monthly Update #62 (June 2023)

This BANANO Monthly Update June 2023 looks back at all the news and updates from the BANANO ecosystem in May 2023, which was the 62nd month since the BANANO main-net was launched more than 5 years ago.

The idea of those monthly updates is to provide an easy way to keep the Banano community up to date, to provide a proper starting point for new users joining the project, and to be transparent about BANANO’s ongoing free & fair distribution activities and community growth.

BANANO Ecosphere News from May 2023 (newest first)

2023-05-31 BANANO Monthly Update #61 (May 2023)

2023-05-29 JungleTV Tunesday Theme: Road Trip!

2023-05-28 Recap of Banano Community Call 37

2023-05-25 wrapped Banano update: wBAN 2.6.5 released

2023-05-24 Upcoming service announcing Banano integration:

2023-05-23 Bitcoin Pizza Day Giveaway by cryptomonKeys

2023-05-23 cryptomonKeys update: MonKey Mondays are here

2023-05-22 Volcano Art contest – 10k BAN rewards

2023-05-22 JungleTV Tunesday Theme: Movie Soundtracks

2023-05-17 BANANO Monthly Update #60 (April 2023)

2023-05-17 JungleTV Tunesday Theme: COUNTRY vs HYPERPOP vs METAL

2023-05-17 In-depth article by a community member regarding exchange listings

2023-05-16 Update from the FoodForBAN community project

2023-05-16 State of the network – week 267

2023-05-15 Community Project announcement: FoodForBAN – Banano feeds homeless kids

2023-05-14 cryptomonKeys celebrating Mother’s Day 2023 with a special NFT + giveaway

2023-05-13 Congrats to JungleTV for playing BAN-queued videos non-stop for 1 year!

2023-05-12 JungleTV collab IRL event (!) in Bruxelles

2023-05-12 JungleTV special event announcement to celebrate 1 years of queued videos

2023-05-11 Announcement of BAN Farmer event (part 1)

2023-05-08 cryptomonKeys: Announcement of MonKey Mondays

2023-05-08 JungleTV Tunesday Theme: Disco!

2023-05-08 New Dungeons & Banano video: You sound like my ex-wife!

2023-05-08 BanFam community call #36 recap

2023-05-07 Banano Sundays Community Call + Giveaway

2023-05-06 Congrats to JungleTV for one year of non-stop queued videos

2023-05-03 Community Event: The Hyper Super-Duper Amazing Quiz of The Legend of Zelda

2023-05-01 JungleTV Tunesday Theme: Chill out EDM

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What the Fork is BANANO?

For those of you who don’t know BANANO yet: BANANO is a cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin or Ethereum, just a much newer generation). BANANO was forked from the cryptocurrency Nano in April 2018 and is powered by DAG technology — here to disrupt the meme economy. BANANO has memes, feeless and near-instant transactions, a highly active community, and active technical development! The BANANO community doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but we’re here for the long run and we enjoy what we do.

On top of this, BANANO is super easy to use. Just try our slick mobile wallet called Kalium and get your first free $BANANO from one of our faucets within minutes! Also, BANANO has a free ongoing distribution through innovative faucet games. You can find more details on our official website, and you’ll find help getting started at

BANANO Trading

BANANO is traded on several exchanges. You’ll find current information collated at Coingecko and Coinmarketcap, and an overview about all current exchanges at


Updated data from June 1st, 2023:

Circulating Supply: 1,499,848,020 BAN (78.2%)

Team Banano Funds: 419,019,189 BAN (allocated for ongoing free distribution)

Burned Total: 1,483,939,020 BAN

Total Supply: 1,918,867,209 BAN (=max supply)

You can always check the current BANANO supply here on YellowSpyGlass.

BANANO Faucet and Distribution Overview

Aside lots of events and intermittent faucet runs as listed above, we also have several faucets running. A short overview of those faucets can be found below.

MonkeyTalks: An instant & self-sustaining faucet, combined with on-chain messaging

BananoMiner: Earn BANANO by contributing CPU/GPU power to medical research via Folding@Home

Banano BoomPow: Provide proof-of-work for Nano and Banano services and receive a share of a daily BANANO prize pool

BananoJobs: Complete bounties or microtasks called ‘BananoJobs’ — get paid in BANANO

JungleTV: A video sharing platform where you can earn & spend BANANO!

monKeyrice: Answer questions, earn rice for charity, get rewarded in BANANO!

monKeyslots: A slots-themed BANANO faucet requiring cryptomonKeys NFTs to claim.

More ways to get free BANANO and other non official faucets can be found at

New faucets and modifications of current ones will follow over time, and adjustments might always be made to ensure that BANANO’s free distribution stays fair, and also doesn’t make our community members too dependent on BANANO earnings.

BANANO is distributed through faucet payouts (Bananominer, Powerplant, Monkeytalks, BoomPow), BananoJobs, tipping allowances and celery (rewards) to core team members and contributors, plus we have regular events and contests organized by the core team or the community.

BANANO Tipbots as we use them at Discord and Reddit are instrumental for showing newly joining members how easy-to-use and fast BANANO truly is, and to actually have everyone use BANANO for what it’s made for — tipping others!

BANANO Social Media Recap

Community activity on all platforms is key for BANANO growth and ripening in context of free and fair distribution! To keep track of this, here’s the monthly overview about our main social media/news channels, in some cases with follower counts as of June 1st, 2023:

Main accounts: Discord (39034) | Twitter (32367) | Reddit (69533)

Telegram: Main group (8319) | News channel (2314)

Other: Facebook (3000) | Instagram (2836) | Youtube (3120)

Blogs: Publish0x (7076) | Medium (921)

Tracking websites: Coingecko (9371) | Coinmarketcap (14094)

Even more, partly inactive for the time being: Tiktok | LBRY/Odysee | BBS | Steemit | Hive | QQ | Wechat (QR) | Weibo (QR) | Minds

More at Reddit: BananoJobs | BananoMarket

cryptomonKeys (BANANO-themed NFTs): Website | Discord | Twitter

BANANO at Telegram

Telegram is easy to use and overall pretty popular, and thus the perfect place to easily help new community members getting started with BANANO, in their language. That’s why we are working on having channels in all major languages.

Here’s an overview of all official BANANO Telegram Groups:

Telegram news channel | English | Spanish | Indonesian | Vietnamese | Turkish | Portuguese | Russian | Filipino | Italian | Romanian | Chinese | Polish | India | French | German | Greek | Croatian | Korean | Japanese | Arabic | Dutch | Hungarian | Latvian | Hebrew | Persian | Bangla

Generally, make sure you join suitable groups, help others, and spread the word about BANANO!

BANANO at Facebook

BANANO also has a Facebook page and also local groups at Facebook, here’s our current groups: English | Spanish | Vietnamese | Portuguese | Indonesian | German

Those are currently not very active, if you’d like to get engaged as a mod there or elsewhere please contact us.

BANANO Outlook

The core team and all the BANANO community supporters are constantly working on different new projects adding up to the BANANO ecosphere. There are always new developments, fun distribution events, giveaways and other happenings such as innovative airdrops, new faucets and faucet games, more educational content and contests, new wrapped Banano on probably even more chains, and we are still working on creating a new version of a play2earn Banano Runner (yeah we’re saying this since forever, but it will come eventually, no worries). Good things simply take time. We will keep you updated. We’re all here for the long-term in shaping this unique crypto experiment called BANANO ❤

Stay tuned, and if you have an idea and/or ability to contribute to the BANANO ecosphere whatsoever feel free to contact us!

How can YOU help?

BANANO is merely what its community makes out of it ❤. If you want to help spreading the word and increasing our community, join our channels and suitable groups, follow our accounts, like and share/retweet our posts, and help others getting started!

At this occasion: A huge hug and thank you to all our supporters, contributors, moderators, giveaway creators, BANANO tippers, and meme creators at all the different $BANANO social media channels for doing a really, really awesome job ❤ Keep it up!

Interested in helping out as moderator, or any idea to develop or contribute to the BANANO ecosphere otherwise? Contact @bantano#1919 at our Discord.

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