Reminder: Claim the BANANO airdrop to DOGECOIN holders before November 30th

The following is an updated reminder from official Banano channels to make sure as many Dogecoin holders as possible get their chance to…

Reminder: Claim the BANANO airdrop to DOGECOIN holders before November 30th
$BANANO airdrop to Dogecoin holders, 2018, colorized

The following is an updated reminder from official Banano channels to make sure as many Dogecoin holders as possible get their chance to register for the upcoming Banano airdrop. In short, it is required to register your Dogecoin wallet before November 30th, the day the snapshot of the Dogechain will happen. While you’ll get many more details below, you also can visit the airdrop registration page directly here:

If you need help to create a wallet or search for more information, you’ll find an overview here:

Detailed announcement (source):

BANANO sees Dogecoin as its spiritual memecoin father, and therefore we believe Dogecoin holders are entitled to some yellowy goodness! We think especially in (market-wise) rather depressing times like these, it is the absolute duty of memecoins to cheer people up and let them not forget how much fun cryptocurrencies can still be.

Banano will be airdropped to Dogecoin holders that register before the Dogecoin network snapshot happening on November 30th (exact hour will be provided soon). Only Dogecoin accounts that have Dogecoins inside them on the snapshot day are considered valid for registration. In case of question or if any cheating or exploit attempts are detected the Banano team has the right to choose if a registration is valid or not. This means no funny bushiness, otherwise you might be excluded from the airdrop.

Registration website:

Banano airdrop to Dogecoin website screenshot

If you want to stock up your Dogeoin at this occasion, or if want to buy/sell Banano now or after the airdrop, this can be both done at Mercatox. There is also a trading promotion going on in parallel to the airdrop registration until November 30 only. Details here.

What is Banano?

If you don’t know Banano yet, visit, and for help getting started. You kind find our subreddit at

Banano is a fourth-generation cryptocurrency that offers feeless, instant and green transactions. It utilizes a novel DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) based block-lettuce™ architecture, where each user possesses his own blockchain. Banano is a meme cryptocurrency with a free and fair (and often very innovative) ongoing distribution. Banano was forked from Nano in April 2018 and was/will be constantly updated and developed since then. You can see the Banano price history and further details at Coingecko.

Community-made Banano animation

If you like to get some deeper insight into the tech, history and relevance of Banano, here’s some recommended reading:
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Airdrop registration details:

  1. Enter the Dogecoin airdrop website:
  2. Insert a Banano address, this is where we will send your Banano to in case the registration is valid. If you don’t have a Banano wallet yet, the website provides details about how to open one in few seconds. Help getting started is also provided at
  3. Insert the Dogecoin address you want to register. Do not use exchange wallets or similar.

4. Press the “Go next step” button. A unique Dogecoin address will appear. Send the exact small amount (between 1 and 9 DOGE) of Dogecoin you are instructed to send from the Dogecoin address you provided to this unique address. The exact amount requested needs to be received by the specified address, so fees should be included on top. This step is meant to verify that a user actually owns the Dogecoin account he wishes to register with. If you are worried about the value of the few Dogecoins you need to send here to a unique address for verification, then please comment in this reddit thread and you’ll be sent at least the equivalent in Banano upfront.

5. That’s it, once the transaction is complete and confirmed you are all set. The coins will be dropped after November 30th. The exact airdrop ratio hasn’t been set yet, but chances are good you won’t be disappointed.

6. Important: To make sure everything went well, double-check if the coins have arrived safely at the requested address, and double-check (on Dogechain explorer) that your Dogecoins are still at the registered address. Some Dogecoin wallets apparently create a new address when sending and transfer your Dogecoins to this address. If this happens you need to send your coins back to the original Dogecoin address you registered on the airdrop website. You can also send more Dogecoin to the registered address, just the amount on November 30 will be considered. You might also find this article useful, it was created by a community member.

Please share this information with your friends/other Dogecoin holders to make sure everyone is notified in time. The Airdrop registration is only open until November 30. This airdrop was announced before here, here, here and here. Thanks for spreading word!

Airdrop registration:
Banano Discord server:
Reddit: r/banano
Official website:
Getting-started and all other relevant links: