Community Event: BANANO Writer’s Contest — Why Banano? (BAN+NFT prizes!)

BANANO is backed by next generation DAG tech, powered by potassium, memes, and 100% free distribution, and driven by You, our community…

Community Event: BANANO Writer’s Contest — Why Banano? (BAN+NFT prizes!)

BANANO is backed by next generation DAG tech, powered by potassium, memes, and 100% free distribution, and driven by You, our community. Here’s now a community-organized BANANO Writers Contest serving both BANANO distribution and giving you the chance to speak up and tell everyone why you’re here. Looking forward to your submissions!

This article was also published alongside with translations into other languages in the Daily Peel

BANANO Writer’s Contest Announcement

Over a year ago, we ran a Banano Writer’s contest that was about our project at large. A lot has happened since then, like the Coinex listing, the wBAN arrival, DOGE’s Co-creator recognition, cryptomonKeys, just to name a few. That’s why we think it’s a good time to recap, but this time from your personal experience, either with Banfam (Banano community) or with Banano (the cryptocurrency). It’s up to you to let us know why you would choose Banano or why you are a loyal follower of the potassium-rich memecoin and member of BanFam.

It doesn’t matter if you ‘just’ like to write or if you’re are an active blogger with lots of experience, this event is for you! Go for it and write an article about Banano, share it with your friends and followers, and let them know why you would choose or be part of Banano,


Write an article about BANANO and publish it in your personal blog, or on a platform like Publish0x, Uptrend, Bitcointalk, Medium, Steemit or similar. One article per person only, which can be published on several platforms.

  • You must share your article on Twitter with the hashtag #whyBANANO $BANANO #Crypto and a short description or introduction text of your article.
  • The article must be written in English, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese
  • The article should be clear, consistent and properly written
  • Minimum length: 4 paragraphs and 1500+ characters excluding spaces
  • Low effort articles, spam, articles containing text copy-pasted from elsewhere and articles containing mostly wrong or misleading information will be disqualified
  • Post the link to your tweet containing the article in the #🔥-contest-submissions channel on the BANANO Discord Server before December 2, 2021.
  • Winners will be chosen by a qualified jury of volunteer BANANO community members.


1° 5000 BAN + cryptomonKeys NFT
2° 3000 BAN + cryptomonKeys NFT
3° 2000 BAN+ cryptomonKeys NFT

There will be bonus Bansplits for all other valid participants and also bonus cryptomonKeys NFT prizes at least for the top 10!

What the Fork is BANANO?

For those of you who don’t know BANANO yet, it’s obviously perfect to just read our animated, meme-rich and interactive Yellowpaper! BANANO is a cryptocurrency (forked from NANO in April 2018) powered by DAG technology — here to disrupt the meme economy. Yes, BANANO has memes! And also feeless and near-instant transactions, a highly active community, and active technical development! The BANANO community doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but we’re here for the long run and we enjoy what we do. On top of this, BANANO is super easy to use and puts an emphasis on free and fair distribution, gamification and crypto education.

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BANANO ($BAN) is a fee-less, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology disrupting the meme economy.

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