BANANO Story2Image Faucet Round 1 Recap

BANANO is distributed entirely for free through airdrops, faucets, and games, in a fun, community-driven and educational atmosphere and…

BANANO Story2Image Faucet Round 1 Recap

BANANO is distributed entirely for free through airdrops, faucets, and games, in a fun, community-driven and educational atmosphere and has easy-to-use apps.

Few days ago we announced a test round of a new faucet concept: The BANANO Story2Image Faucet — a faucet making the claim process fun while still having effective anti-bot functionality to avoid cheating. The concept: Users had to draw an image from a random sentence provided by the faucet and vote on images from other faucet users. It’s been a great success with lots of creative images, and all rewards have already been paid! Scroll down for a brief recap and some great art creations!

BANANO Story2Image Faucet Round 1 Recap

The results and feedback from this first round have been more than bantastic!

Some cliffnotes:

  • The faucet ran stably for the whole time, and anti-spam and bot measurements could keep the faucet free from cheaters and other manipulation.
  • During the 48 hours test run time we had a total of 523 users who drew a total of 3112 images.
  • A total of 55697 in-game points were collected, this includes bonus points and spam/low quality penalties from the image rating algorithm.
  • An additional 57400 bonus points were assigned to high-quality images based on manual selection since the algorithm didn’t ensure high rating especially for images submitted later in this faucet round.
  • The total 113097 faucet points were already converted to BANANO at a ratio of 1:1 (which is 10x better than we announced) and already paid out earlier today from this address (total of 113097 BANANO): ban_1banjobs588eaypn93spoiyksxspartizcdby9gaayprxsbeztwwumxurx8
  • Future rounds might have different faucet points to BANANO ratios. While doing more rounds in the future we’ll finetune the faucet further to ensure fair payouts and spam/bot countermeasures.
  • Bonus points mentioned above are the reason why some of you may have received a higher BANANO payout than shown in the Story2Image Faucet scoreboard.

Drawing an image from a simple sentence is primarily having the purpose to distinguish real humans claiming BANANO from bots trying to exploit the faucet. But it’s been really mind-blowing to see how several users managed to create quite some really impressive images just with the faucet drawing tools in their browser. Check out the gallery from this run here.

Thanks everyone for their participation in this test round! Stay tuned for the next round of the BANANO Story2Image Faucet — it’s coming soon!

HUGE thanks also to David who developed the faucet and Kron for invaluable help with image rating data analysis ❤.

BANANO Story2Image Faucet Round 1 Art Creations

Vegetable stir fry in a bowl next to a drink.
a woman standing at the stove and looking at something on it
black and white photo of old people
A man sitting in a chair with a laptop.
Four people ride horses on the beach while looking at a large ship in the ocean.
A young girl is reaching out to pet a large cow.
a plane flying in a twilight lit sky
A rose that is sitting inside of a vase on a table.
a close up of a person under a blanket
A passenger waiting for the subway while the train is a blur.
a row of motorcycles next to each other on a paved surface
A dog with sunglasses and a vest on.
two women wearing coats and huge goggles
A plane on the roof of a McDonald’s.
A couch and television in a small room.
man smoking by 3 motorcycles
A cat that is under a car in the day.

Disclaimer & Credits

Any mention of a third party platform, product, service or website in this article does not imply any endorsement by the BANANO team. All information is provided to the author’s best knowledge at the time of writing, will likely not be updated and thus might be outdated when this article is read in the future. The Story2Image Faucet was developed by David_99 with help and feedback from several BANANO community members. This article was written by David_99 and bantano.

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